David Paton  - a magical career

How to introduce a musical icon and pioneer of rock music? In fact, David Paton is exactly this.


“Magic” is the way to describe a career in music that delivered not only classic albums but hits that became the soundtrack to many people’s lives all over the world.


Second flights and other beginnings


As a founding member of Pilot he wrote and sung the classic hits as „January“, „Just a Smile“ and, of course, „Magic“. Songs we still hear on the radio, the football stadiums and parties.


After releasing four albums as Pilot the band kept moving on with a group designed to dominate the charts in almost every country all over the world for another decade. Pilot became the core of the Project named after it’s producer.


The core of the Alan Parsons Project


As part of the Alan Parsons Project, David Paton can be heard singing and playing on all albums from „Tales Of Mystery And Imagination“ up to „Stereotomy“. Topping charts with hits like „Eye In The Sky“, „Don’t Answer Me“, „Lucifer“ and „Let’s Talk About Me“ a top hit in Germany and the USA.


The latter he also contributed the lead vocals to as he did on the classic tracks „What Comes Up Must Come Down“ from the Nr. 1 album „Pyramid“ „Children Of The Moon“ and „I’d Rather Be A Man“ from „Eve“, another chart topping album considered now as a stable of the APP catalog. With more than 80 gold and platinum discs APP belong to the most successful bands in music history.


Touring and recording with Elton John


After „Stereotomy“, David Paton became a member of Elton John’s band recording and touring the globe including the historical Live Aid concert. „Nikita“, „A Word In Spanish“ and „Heartaches All Over The World“ are just a few examples of hits where we will hear David Paton’s talent and contributions.


From “Wuthering Heights” to “Propaganda” and much more.....


But it is not only Elton John who relies on Paton’s skills. Kate Bush, Paul McCartney, Camel, Fish (of Marillion), Chris Rea, Jimmy Page and many more chose David Paton as an important input for their records.


From “Wuthering Heights”, Kate Bush’s classic number one song, up to German Electro act Propaganda. If you look for a missing link in between you will find it with David Paton. But how is anybody able to cover such a wide range of variety and styles?

“I always did it for the music”, he says. “If the heart is with it the magic will create itself. Magic always finds it’s way.”


The “Magic” continues



Being in the studio and writing new songs David is going back to the roots while moving forward at the same time. Being ready to tour playing all the hits and staples of Pilot and APP as well as new collaborations. One thing is for sure. It will be magic.