Pilot -                                                                  musical core of the Alan Parsons Project

A Pilot's Tale

Pilot was established in 1973.  The first single "Just A Smile" gained airplay and  recognition but it was the second release from the debut "From The Album Of The Same Name" that propelled the band into instant stardom.


"Magic"entered the Top 10 in several countries even topping the charts in countries as far as Canada and Australia while becoming a Top 5 in the USA.


Having a hit single on both sides of the atlantic is what can be called a promising start for a band.  But  members around songwriter David Paton have been able to deliver more to the roster we call "Classic Hits" today.


In 1975 Pilot  topped the charts again with  ‘January’ which landed Pilot at number 1, including a record 8 weeks at the top of the Australian Music charts, a Top 15 in Germany and last but not least, the Top spot in their home country, the UK. 


After adding up to the string of hits with "Call Me Round", "Running Water", "Penny In My Pocket", a new version of "Just A Smile" and "Canada" it was time for the members to move forward. 


During this time Pilot's producer Alan Parsons was introduced to Eric Woolfson who proposed the idea of a project with Alan producing, Eric writing the music and Pilot as the Project band. 


The Alan Parsons Project - APP - was born.


They had instant  success during the late-70’s and 80’s with over 80 million record sales and top 10 singles such as ‘Eye in the Sky’ , ‘Games People Play’, 'Don't Answer Me',  'Lucifer' and many many more.


With all 10 albums reaching the Top 10 while 4 went straight to the number 1 spot, the success was overwhelming.


Many of APP tracks are true rock classics. 


While 'Don't Answer Me', 'Eye In The Sky', 'Let's Talk About Me' are still staples on European and US radio stations 'Lucifer' (which reached Nr. 8 in the singles charts) became the title song for Germanys longest running political magazine 'Monitor'. And it still holds this prominent spot.


Lot's of APP's songs and fan favourites are sung by David Paton. 'Children Of The Moon', 'What Goes Up' and the hit single 'Let's Talk About Me' being only some examples to be mentioned.



With a setlist covering the hits of Pilot, APP as well as David Patons solo songs and collaborations these veterans of rock present a show that truely deserves the only one title: 'CLASSIC'.